Hosting Harlem

I am not that adventurous of a gal when it comes to venturing outside of my “native” spots around NYC (i.e.  Upper East Side, Soho, Chelsea, Meatpacking, West Village), however, I have always had a great experience at this cool place in Harlem and everyone whom I’ve taken there, has also really enjoyed the food, atmosphere and bar, my favorite part!

I’m talking about Mobay Uptown on W. 125th Street, hailed as “Caribbean Soul Fusion” on the business card, but really when it comes down to the description, good ‘ol soul, comfort food!  I’m especially a fan of the Mobay Fried Chicken, which isn’t all battered and fried up, just made with great seasoning and served with your two choice of sides (I chose the Macaroni and cheese under  a bed of crusted cheese and the fried sweet plantains).

My other more adventurous friend at the table tried Oxtail Stew which I had a bite of and must say it was suprisingly good – juicy, seasoned and fell right off the bone along with a side of yams which he described as “soft, sweet and candy-like.”

Oxtail stew

Mobay Uptown is not only good for food, but the bar, which wraps around on both sides so it feels like you’re sitting in the action, serves up a great set of concotions including my favorite, the Harlem Berry. It looks like a mojito with mint leaves, but is made just right with a splash of cognac and sweet goodness.

Harlem Berry

And on top of the great drinks and food, there is always live music thanks to the band playing throwbacks to a variety of eras – from Motown to Michael Jackson.

This girl was happy! Now, I just have to check out the brunch.


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One Response to “Hosting Harlem”

  1. Jim Says:

    And the salmon was good too…

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