Marathon Party Planning

I realize I’m a bit behind the eight ball considering most of these great little bites came from my friend’s party on the Upper East Side as we watched the New York City Marathon which took place earlier this month, but in honor of today’s Philadelphia Marathon (congrats to all the runners including John Crews and Jutta Merilainen who took home the big honors for the day!) and some other upcoming marathons such as Atlanta on November 26 and the Space Coast Marathon coming up on November 29 to name a few (more information at, consider these great little party snacks to keep your non-running crew happy as you cheer on the runners:

Gluten-free pumpkin muffins (a side of sweet cream cheese is perfect!)

Ham and swiss party sandwiches (these are a bit tricky in terms of temperature, so if you want to serve them hot, take them out of the oven after your guests arrive):

Mini cheese grits (mini-muffin style):

Sausage bites (these were my favorite!)

Yogurt berry parfaits with homemade granola:

Presentation is key here too. Huge props to my friend Suzanne for putting together this tasty menu!


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