Holiday Party-Going

This holiday party season I did a fair bit of the circuit, but there is one party that topped all the rest thanks to my comrades over at UrbanDaddy. (FYI: If you haven’t gotten a chance to check them out, you’re missing out on the best places to eat, drink and party in NYC and beyond, so get to it:

Billed as “an evening of live music, caviar, unbridled mistletoe-ing, precious diamonds and magnificent desserts,” the party was held at the Stephan Weiss Gallery at 711 Greenwich Street (sidenote: the late Weiss was married to fashion maven Donna Karan).  I somehow missed the mistleoe-ing, diamonds and desserts, but with everything going on, it was certainly easy to do.

The venue boasted an open layout perfect for large parties such as this, which the UD team took full advantage of including a large stage for the entertainment, ample seating and a separate room which housed all the yummy hors d’oeuvres.

There were also several bars throughout the space, including my friend’s favorite, the Ultimat Martini bar, making it easy for attendees to get drinks.

Ultimat Martini Bar

Some of the yummy hors d’oeuvres included duck, shrimp cocktail, tuna wrapped in lettuce, lamb kebabs, breadsticks wrapped in proscuitto and french fries in little take-out containers – fantastic! [I didn’t have the photo available at my current location, but I’ll upload this later so you can check out some of the goodies].

As if the drinks and food weren’t good enough, the UD team brought in some great live entertainment with the Dap Kings and Sharon Jones. I felt like I was on Soul Train – great vibe, energy and beats.  Ms. Jones even pulled some young party-goers up on stage who didn’t seem embarrased in the slightest.

Despite the extreme cold outside, it was the perfect night to keep my holidays spirits warm and bright.


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One Response to “Holiday Party-Going”

  1. Jim Says:

    I didn’t see any mistletoe either.

    You forgot to mention the oysters!

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