Superbowl XLIV Madness

What do you think of eating and drinking when you’re watching the big game? According to my friend, the answer should be wings, wings and more wings, and some sort of draft beer specials.  I must say, she was right – this was quite the perfect combination. The wings were not only super tasty (we opted for mild, although they still had a nice kick), but they were $.25 cents each. With the large party and the rest of the food we ordered, we ended up paying less than $10 a pop – awesome!

Here are some delights from the game (if you’re curious, we went to Dewey’s Flatiron on 26th and Fifth Avenue –

The wings (note the Americana themed plate):

The combo platter (look, this thing was $60, but it serves 6-10, so get a large party and you get enough for everyone with all the bar food classics – chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, taquitos, jalapeno poppers and onion rings):

And don’t forget the beer (it was $30 for a wristband with your choice of Yuengling, Sam Adams, Bud Light or Miller Lite … Bud Light pictured below):

The perfect way to celebrate the Saints victory – hoorah!


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