And the winner is…

In honor of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, I put on my hostess hat to host my annual fete (third year running) complete with my version of places for “autographs,” the Hollywood walk of fame, and of course, the official Oscar 2010 ballot for partygoers to cast their votes — what’s become my signature spin for the annual bash (I even had a ballot come in from a friend in Hong Kong). 

This year’s prize for the winner of the most correct votes was a round of drinks at the bar thanks to the great folks over at Rm Fifty Five – check it out at 210 W. 55th Street, (If you’re curious, this year’s winner scored 17 out of 24 categories right!)

This year was somewhat unpredictable and historical with the Hurt Locker taking top honors with Best Director (first female director to win if you didn’t tune in) and Best Picture where it seemed like Avatar was going to take a huge sweep having been nominated for nine categories. Quite cool. 

But, while Avatar didn’t take home the big prize, I’d have to say one of my favorite moments had to be Ben Stiller’s spoof of the film where he presented the award for Best Makeup and delivered much of his speech in the Na’vi language.

Of course to fill those lulls between the commercial breaks, I had plenty of appetizers, drinks and junk food on hand including T.G.I. Friday’s potato skins, buffalo wings, White Castle microwaveable cheeseburgers, Totino’s pizza rolls and Lay’s potato chips (don’t hate people, it was easy and they were gone in t-minus 5). 

Plus, since I prefer salty to sweet (hence selection above), a few of my guests balanced this with some options for the sweet tooth lovers in the crowd including Godiva chocolates, ice cream sandwiches and Bahlsen Choco Liebniz butter biscuits covered in milk chocolate.

And now for the winner of … Best Oscar Party (well, hey I didn’t say it, but based on the autographs people left me), apparently that goes to me.


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One Response to “And the winner is…”

  1. tvteaser Says:

    Gotta love those chocolate-covered butter biscuits! YUM!

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