Down Home at Chat ‘N Chew and with Oprah

Saturday night I had the chance to sample some down home cuisine at Chat ‘N Chew on 10 E. 16th Street (between 5th and Union Square West).

There are many things to like about this place (especially for those easily amused like myself) including the coloring page you can get as you walk in the front door and the simple fare like grilled cheese, meatloaf and mac and cheese – think Thanksgiving all over again but without all of it at once (unless you prefer).  They also have things like chicken fried steak, fried chicken and po boys. I personally love the fact they call the chicken fried steak, green bean casserole and skin-on smashies (potatoes) the “TV Dinner.”

Chat 'N Chew coloring page

I chose the grilled cheese straight up, no extra fixins’, (for anyone who knows me well, this is my usual for late night diner eating), served with a side of fries and a side order of the green bean casserole.  Reference my Thanksgiving post if you didn’t get a chance to hear me rave about my affinity for green bean casserole.

Grilled Cheese at Chat 'N Chew

Green bean casserole at Chat 'N Chew

While I didn’t opt for any dessert, you can also choose from a selection of homemade pies and cakes including the Coca-Cola cake made with the drink syrup or just treat yourself to a Stewart’s Birch Beer which a friend opted for.

I certainly liked the at home feel at Chat ‘n Chew, but since I couldn’t be with mom on Mother’s Day, I had to continue the theme by walking with over 1,000+ ladies as part of Oprah’s Live Your Best Life Walk on Sunday:

Oprah Live Your Best Life Walk

While windy and chilly, it was certainly an invogorating morning walking for a great cause which is empowering.  I walked for Camp C.O.P.E., an organization dedicated to helping the children of service members cope with the transitions and/or trauma they are facing in response to the deployment or injuries sustained by their soldiers.

The morning also included appearances by Dr. Oz, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J.  Blige, Bette Middler, Elizabeth Banks and others who joined Oprah in support:

Dr. Oz

Oprah and friends

After the walk ended in Times Square, we had a chance to enjoy the many free gifts lavished upon us by the sponsors from bags to bandanas to food including Soyjoy bars, Blue Diamond almonds, Silk Soymilk and New Jersey’s own Stuffed Cupcakes, which made up the 10th Anniversary cake for Oprah’s celebration of the 10th year of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Oprah 10th Anniversary Cake with Stuffed Cupcakes


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