Eating Hamptons Style

This past weekend I journeyed for my second weekend in the Hamptons since the big Memorial Day kick-off. With a Greek, Italian and Norwegian friend in tow, it was sure to be a blast.

We first found ourselves at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse (2393 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, NY) which, according to the Website, was named aptly for a piano player who dazzled diners and is still family owned and operated.  The open, airy feel of the restaurant made for a perfect lunch with a classic shrimp cocktail and a crabmeat salad with avocado, bacon, carrots and fried wontons:

Shrimp cocktail at Bobby Vans

Crabmeat salad at Bobby Vans

 In keeping with our fine dining streak, we ventured in Saturday night to Trata (1020 Montauk Highway, Watermill, NY). While not named for a piano player dazzling diners, the Greeks will have you up dancing  (Trata is a traditional commemorative dance performed every two years in Attica, Greece).  We first started with a round of shared appetizers including the Pikilia, a sampling of five homemade Greek spreads including Tarama, Tzatziki and Skordalia amoung others; a signature Greek salad (Horiatiki); a salmon roll and the Octapodi (yes, that’s octopus and it’s delicious).

Pikilia at Trata

Salmon roll at Trata

For dinner, I opted for the house specialty in the whole fish selection with the Artic Char from Alaska perfectly cooked to fall off the bone while still retaining its flavor:

Artic Char at Trata

With all the fine food, we couldn’t miss out on the chance to sample some decadence and tried the Yiaourti, greek yogurt with three mix-ins including sour cherry, fig and quince – brilliant.  We also sampled the Sokolata, a warm chocolate cake which was then followed by a traditional Baklava.  After finishing dinner, you can top off your experience with a jaunt outside to the beautiful outdoor seating area and cozy up with a glass of white sangria made fresh onsite.

Yiaourti at Trata

Warm chocolate cake

Baklava at Trata

Certainly not a bad weekend to spend if you’re headed “out east.”


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3 Responses to “Eating Hamptons Style”

  1. Jim Says:

    I like the high-res pictures – really makes me want to eat the food!

  2. Kurdy Says:

    Awww, sounded like a fun Greeky time! You had me at the Octapodi! I”m all for the exotic of the exotics! =)

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    […] 3. Food from the Bay 4. Marathon Party Planning 5. Eating Hamptons Style […]

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