B is for Black Iron Burger Shop

When two of my friends said they were craving a burger and they wanted to go to the East Village/Alphabet City on Friday night, I knew I had to find something that was not only non cost-prohibitive, but that also stacked up in terms of good burgers (reference my previous post on my favorite burgers in the city; FYI: I would now add this place to my list).  With this in mind, I took to Google and NYMag.com, two of my favorite reference tools, and stumbled upon the Black Iron Burger Shop , 540 East 5th Street and Avenue B.

Black Iron Burger Shop is simple – cash only, bar stools and highboy tables, front and back page menus, napkins, ketchup and silverware to the side of each of the tables, and food served on aluminum foil – and there was just something perfect about the simplicity I enjoyed. The beer selections are all written on the mirror along the bar and they serve up a variety of specialty brews (and malts and shakes if you’re feeling non-brewsky).

Black Iron Burger Shop

I opted for the House Burger topped with their specialty horseradish cheddar and bacon, although our server noted house favorites include the Iron Burger which is topped with carmelized onions and the Black and Blue Burger with cajun seasoning and blue cheese (note: fries are a separate side order and I also highly recommend the onion rings and blue cheese dressing as a dipping option):

House Burger at Black Iron Burger Shop

Onion rings at Black Iron Burger Shop

In keeping with the alphabet, no B’s here – A for a job (not burger) well done.


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2 Responses to “B is for Black Iron Burger Shop”

  1. Jim Says:

    OMG they have a horseradish bacon hamburger???? In my neighborhood? And I didn’t know? I need to run there right now and have one! That sounds amazing!!!!

  2. TheFameFlame Says:

    As one of the burger fiends chowin’ down this blog’s author, I can vouch for the fact that Black Iron Burger Shop is a guilty pleasure. Great place!

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