BlogHer ’10.

Every year, over 2,500 women bloggers from around the world gather together for the annual BlogHer conference. This year’s was held right here in the Big Apple and many of the women I spoke with had never been to the city (I participated relatively quietly compared to the stories I heard of five plus parties per night, multiple sessions and boxes of swag.)

I had the opportunity to take two wonderful ladies, one of Mom it Forward and the other from Today’s Mama for a work breakfast situated close to the park at Le Pain Quotidien (a.k.a. Het Dagelijks Brood in Belgium) – 922 7th Avenue (at 58th Street), an international Belgian bakery serving up simple, organic fare such as homemade pastries and breads, as well as tartines, soups and salads.  I selected the fritatta, one of the specials which came layered with fresh red roasted potatoes:

Fritatta at Le Pain Quotidien

Following a yummy breakfast and in keeping with the “Le’s”, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend a Sunday brunch hosted by Soyjoy at the Estrela Penthouse at Le Parker Meridien – 119 West 56th Street.  The chefs generously served up prepared omelettes of your choice (I chose the omelette with bacon, chorizo and cheese) and a full spread with fresh fruits, breads and juices.  The gorgeous view overlooking Manhattan wasn’t a bad way to start the morning either. 

Estrela Penthouse at Le Parker Meridien


After sufficiently filling my belly, it seemed apropos Soyjoy brought in Cynthia Sass, nutritionist, registered dietician, author and morning show/magazine contributor to discuss healthy snacking on the go, along with Jackie Newgent, registered dietician and award-winning cookbook author to discuss simple, healthy snacks at home.

Sass offered up helpful tips on “Strategic Snacking,” including:

  • Your body prefers to be fueled for the activity to come (meaning, if you don’t fuel your body between meals your body will dip into your energy reserve equivalent to your body fat and muscle mass)
  • Never let more than 5 hours go by before eating something (clears throat … this is also for all you other crazy busy working people)
  • Use the 50% rule (figure out how many calories you burn doing whatever the activity and divide that by half)
  • Choose snacks made from whole, minimally processed food (i.e. don’t reach for that banana muffin when you can eat the banana and a handful of almonds)

Jackie followed this discussion offering “Cuisine Tips for Naturally Healthy Snacking” – enjoy!

  1. Favor the sweetness of fruits every part (how about enjoying a cool, cantaloupe soup?)
  2. Turn up the volume with seasonal vegetables (rememember that seasonal is always important because it’s not transported thousands of  miles, is minimallyprocessed and keeps local farmers in business!)
  3. Befriend herbs and spices (hello antioxidants!)
  4. Pump up the “pleasurable pain” (ok, you have to admit you’re curious about Jackie’s recipe for “Happy Planet” cookies which are chocolate chip cookies with a hint of cayenne pepper)
  5. Drink and eat tea (think green tea to add a new spin on chicken salad, for example)
  6. Add a healthful dose of whimsy (yes, you have permission to play with your food!)
  7. Play favorites (you don’t have to cut out your favorite foods, just be creative. Like pizza? Try it on a whole weat pita with veggie toppings).
  8. Do dips differently (who says whole soybeans can’t be used instead of chickpeas to create a tasty hummus?)
  9. Go a little nutty (3 words – taste, texture and nutritious)
  10. Get real (again, whole, fresh and minimally processed)

Soyjoy also Skyped in renowned fitness expert Harley Pasternak and author of the 5-Factor World Diet to discuss simple workouts and the healthiest countries. Now that I have the book, expect a review in the coming months.

Here’s to healthy, simple eating and thanks BlogHer, Soyjoy and friends!


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One Response to “BlogHer ’10.”

  1. Jyl Johnson Pattee Says:

    Loved this breakfast! The vegetarian quiche was amazing!!! Thanks for recommending such a fun and delicious place :).

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