Adventures in ‘Speed Plating’

Not only looking to gauge the potential in your food?  Chef Danny Boome has come up with an innovative concept – ‘speed plating’ – that not only involves engaging your palate, but also engaging in conversation with a potential mate.  The idea is speed dating but with food. You have four 20 minute dates and four courses, but what’s nice is you actually get to know someone for more than a couple minutes without the added pressure of a full dinner. 

Danny’s idea is that food is something that unites people, it’s a conversation piece. “Every chef has their gimmick … for me, I was tired of trying to meet people in a crowded bar and food is something that brings people together,” said Boome when I spoke with him at last night’s press preview event at Tree – 190 First Avenue between 11th and 12th.

Speed Plating at Tree

As we walked in the door, we were each handed an envelope and a champagne with a lychee soaked in cognac (perfect!). My card indicated I was at table 9 for the evening and the chef ushered all of the ladies to our seats.  Once we were seated, the gentlemen began filing into the room and I had date #1 who I’ll affectionately refer to as “Indiana.”  He also grew up in the Midwest but had a hunger for other parts of the world studying in Italy and working in Paris and now in the Big Apple working for a major beauty brand.  We shared an asparagus and artichoke and I marveled at the fact dude knew so much about wine and was so cultured.  First date = A.

The second date was what Danny referred to as the “sensory course.” We briefly met our dates, and then we were blindfolded as our dates fed us… a bit awkward but in the spirit of the night, I went with it and met “Hoboken.”  Very different than the first date, dude works in sports and seems like he knows how to party.  I was pretty impressed by the fact that even though I was blindfolded I was able to identify the course which included duck, pear and lychee (I would totally ace Gordon Ramsey’s test on Hell’s Kitchen).  Second date = A- (a few less points here because he spread pear on my face and broke his wine glass while gesturing with his blindfold on, although there was something still charming about him).

The third course was actually something we had the chance to pre-select. I opted for the sea scallops in a wasabi sauce and met date 3, “Brooklyn,” a nice gentleman who works in the music industry and has a bit of a crush on Taylor Swift (just kidding, maybe).  Dude was cool and very funny and asked me about my best and worst experiences in NYC which was pretty fun and where I’d ideally live if I had the apartment I wanted in the city. I said something like a penthouse on Fifth Avenue with my toy poodle… ridiculous, I know. Date 3 = B (didn’t see as much compatibility here, but dude would make a cool friend).

To end the night, the waiters brought out a dessert sampler with chocolate covered strawberries, a gingersnap cookie with mango chutney, a fig and creme fraiche and panna cotta.  I shared dessert with date 4, “Advertising” and learned ironically enough we both service the same client and have colleagues who work closely on the account in Chicago.  Date 4 = B (Very cool, but a bit tired being it was the end of the night. No compatability here, but definitely a good business connection).

Overall, it was by far one of the most interesting culinary and social experience I’ve had in NYC. Food, drink and potential dates? Not a bad combination.


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