A Little Columbian Flair

It takes a rare occurence to get me to leave Manhattan for another borough as my friends can tell you, but it proved to be worth it on Friday when I set out to Jackson Heights, Queens to see my friend Ray perform at Teatro Natives in “Yes I Yes,” an all Spanish play about a girl who wants to learn how to rap.

Following the performance I had the chance to dine on authentic Columbian cuisine at Natives, 82-22 Northern Blvd. in Jackson Heights.


One of the most exciting parts about dinner was the Columbian sodas, specifically, Postobon, an apple flavored soda (and pink colored just like the can), with 46 grams of sugar that got everyone excited at the table with hilarity (and salsa dancing!) ensuing immediately following. The Columbian soda was also good which was orange and tasted like cream soda.


Columbian soda

After sufficiently caffeinating ourselves, we enjoyed the main course. I chose an “Especialidades Natives” (Natives special), the Bandeja tipica con carne molida, which included seasoned ground beef with rice, finished with an over easy egg, plantains, beans, pork rind and avocado (and yes, I did order in Spanish).

Especialidades Natives - Bandeja tipica con carne molida

While I didn’t have room to enjoy dessert, my friend tried the Flan de leche:

Flan de leche

After this trip I decided that perhaps it is worthwhile checking out some outer borough cuisine – even if it’s just the authentic sodas with 46 grams of sugar that convinced me!


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