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Introducing the Ladies (& Gents) Wining & Dining Series: The Best Spots for Business Eats

November 21, 2015

Hello readers!

I’m excited to share that despite a brief hiatus since earlier this summer, I will be launching a new series here called the “Ladies (& Gents) Wining & Dining Series” dedicated to the best lunch, dinner and drink spots for doing business while enjoying the best cuisine that New York City, Los Angeles and other top cities across the country offer.

I hope this will inspire some great ideas for you as you travel on business, particularly if you’re looking for a unique spot to wow client and colleagues, old friends and new, from the easiest to the hardest to please foodies. The series is designed to provide you with insider insights beyond the contents of that magazine in the seat back pocket and what’s on the menu from a first-hand business and foodie expertise perspective.

I invite you to dialogue on any of my recommendations as well as offer up any of your favorite/can’t miss spots as well (business success stories welcome too!) to inspire fellow business travelers on their culinary and business adventures.

Enjoy! Bon Appetit! Buen Provecho!

[Reviews coming soon: Maysville (NYC), The Garret (NYC), White Oak Tavern (NYC), Javelina (NYC), Pig & Khao (NYC), The Rockefeller (Manhattan/Hermosa Beach, CA) and more].




Have Your Cake… and eat it too!

September 9, 2009

I had the opportunity to help put on a FABULOUS event with PAPER Magazine and HP to celebrate PAPER and HP’s 25th Anniversary in the business of printing.

HP PAPER Party September 8, 2009 013

To celebrate its 25th birthday, PAPER and HP partnered for a swank soiree at the New York Public Library at Bryant Park to kick off Fashion Week this evening. Celebs and VIPs including Taylor Hanson, Lydia Hearst, Patrick McMullan, Janelle Monae, Fern Mallis, Estelle, previous Project Runway designers and more, gathered to celebrate the occasion.

Here are a few fun party pics…

On the Pink Carpet with Peter Shankman,

On the Pink Carpet with Peter Shankman,

With Janelle Monae, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and performer

With Janelle Monae, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and performer

With Kenley Collins, Project Runway Contestant

With Kenley Collins, Project Runway Contestant

The Virgins took the stage.

HP PAPER Party September 8, 2009 009

Queen Latifah performed.

HP PAPER Party September 8, 2009 011

And to top off the evening, the one and only Liza Minelli took us home to “New York, New York.” 

HP PAPER Party September 8, 2009 001

As an added bonus, Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream and cake was served and it was quite scrumptious!

HP PAPER Party September 8, 2009 032

It was a true New York moment for this midwestern gal who moved to the city four years ago and one I will treasure for a lifetime.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

September 7, 2009

No one is counting calories when it comes to baseball stadium food, and why should you?  The new Yankee Stadium has a variety of culinary delights from steak sandwiches to sushi.

Hard Rock and NYY Steak at Yankee Stadium

I went for more of the “traditional” baseball food — chicken tenders and Nathan’s cheese fries… mmm. 

Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays - September 7, 2009 013

But check out this dog – a streaming of ketchup down the length of this bad boy and the lucky recipient was ready to go (I’m not a huge fan of hot dogs but I’m sure it was delicious!) 

Hot dog

Top all these American classics off with a souvenir glass of Miller Lite and you’re good to go. My roommate who went with me to the game didn’t even need a beer to keep her spirits up – the Pepsi gave her enough energy to dance to “New York, New York” the plus five times they played it after the Yankees won tonight (I’m not exaggerating).  For you baseball fans, Yanks won 11-1 against the Tampa Bay Rays.